NCAA ID #: 1407771941


Kimberly sladek

Making Sandwiches for the homeless through a church organization called Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

         We only have one chance at life, I want to make mine count. My goal is to strive to be a better student, teammate, and person; and I know going to college will help me reach my goal. I am a determined person, whether it's with school or on the court. I want to shine like a diamond, how over the years I am compacted with pressure but I keep pursuing life and in the end I reach the stage of beauty, I have become a priceless crystal.

          I will graduate in May of 2016 from a US exemplary 6A high school, Westwood High School, which was ranked 22nd in Texas in 2013. I had a 5.23 average and was ranked 109th in a class of 718 as a freshman. As a sophomore, I had a 5.18 GPA and was ranked 123rd. After my first semester as a junior, I improved my rank to 116 and my unweighted GPA was 3.91/4.0. After my first semester as a senior, I am 117th in my class and I have a 3.918/4.0 GPA. My favorite subjects to this point are Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. I got a perfect score on the biology Texas standardized test called the STAAR test as a freshman. And I got a 4/5 on the AP Environmental Science test my junior year. I played junior varsity Defensive Specialist as a 9th grader and made Varsity as the starting Libero as a Sophomore. Our team made it to the second round of playoffs and I received the Defensive Player of the Year award along with district awards. My junior year, I was a captain and I received the Defensive Player of the Year award for the second year in a row and I was one of the only two juniors to be on the All-District first team. After my final season of High School Volleyball, I was named Defensive player of the year for the third year in a row and I was on the All-District First team. I was also .04 serve receive points away from beating the record for passing in a match.


         For the past six years I have played for the Austin Juniors Volleyball club. In 2013 my team won the Texas Fest, then progressed to win the American Division at the Lone Star Classic granting us a bid to Nationals. Although we only finished 11th overall, we grew as a team and a family over the season. Sophomore year, my team played in a higher division, and travelled to Orlando to compete at the AAU National Championships. Last year we ended up 5th at the Mid-East Qualifier in Philadelphia and 9th at the Lone Star Classic. This year we qualified for the Tour of Texas Tournament and we have two more qualifiers to compete for a bid to Nationals.        

         After the club season ends, I gladly dedicate my summer to getting down and dirty in the sand. My competitive spirit comes out especially in beach volleyball where I qualified with my partner for the AAU National Championship. In addition to tournaments in Austin, I've traveled to Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Galveston, and Hermosa Beach to compete with the best. The summer of 2012 I won a couple of tournaments all around Austin. I've played beach volleyball every summer since I was 11, doing my best to improve my overall game.

          Service is one of the most important things in my life. Through church, school, and leadership clubs, I do everything possible to improve my community and people's way of life. At church, one of my favorite things to do is  make sandwiches and pack snack bags for the homeless through Mobile Loaves and Fishes. I look forward to Sundays when I can spend my time with all the adorable little kids at Sunday school when I volunteer to teach. I was also chosen out of many applicants to be a member of a service organization run exclusively by high school students, called Pacesetters. We do many things to help various charity groups, for example, coats for kids, trash clean ups at schools, and collecting cans for local food drives. I love that organization because we are all so close, it is run by students, and we all have a common goal, to serve others. Another charity I participate in is called Miracle League which is renowned for helping kids with special needs play baseball. These kids bring so much emotion to every game it inspires me to see the joy in everything I do and not take anything for granted. In 2013, an Austin chapter of the nationally acclaimed organization, National Charity League (NCL), was established and I was named President of my class for the past two years. Now, I am Vice President of Philanthropy and introduced a new service organization to the chapter. In total, I average over 50 hours a year in community service per year. Last year, I also helped start the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at my high school and it is going really well. My few relaxation days include spending time with friends or playing intense games of touch football with my family.
I love family nights when we play board games, ping-pong, foosball, and watch movies.

          I am very dedicated to my friends, family, community, and teammates. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Like I said, my goal is to be a better person, and I mean it when I say I will do my best to achieve it.

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