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 joined the Austin Junior Volleyball’s 16 Cedar Park team after the beginning of the year so I didn’t have a lot of insight into the girls or their personalities. At our first tournament, Kimberly pulled out her binder with refereeing assignments to ensure the team knew who and what each person was responsible for that match. And the team listened! WOW – I was impressed. Kimberly is a natural leader both on and off the court. On the court, Kimberly was an essential part of our serve receive and defense not to mention she was our toughest server. She worked hard at practice to help our team get to the next level. Through hard work and persistence, Kimberly was the single most consistent, positive force driving our team’s success.

~Kimberly Sladek… Great Libero’s need to bring 4 things to the table to be “that kind of Libero” that every team needs… 1) Passes nails 2) Tenacious defense 3) Leadership; communication, smart, positive 4) X factor ~ competitive, confident, hardest worker, rock solid and gritty. Kimberly Sladek possess all 4 of those characteristics!!! I had the great pleasure of coaching this young lady at 15’s and what a joy and blessing it was to work with her. She was the hardest working young lady on my team, and her leadership and organizational skills are second to none! Kimberly soon became very passionate about being not only a good libero but a GREAT libero. She is extremely coachable and listened to everything we gave her. I couldn’t be more proud of the kind of player she has become. There is no doubt in my mind she will play at a very high level and make any team she becomes a part of instantly better! I give Miss Kimberly Sladek my highest recommendation of a young lady possessing all of the characteristics needed to be a great libero!

Amy Farber Knowles
Recruiting Coordinator & Associate Director ~ Coaching & Programs
Austin Junior Volleyball

Kate Zora

Westwood High School

Varsity Volleyball Head Coach


~Kimberly embodies the type of student-athlete that every coach wants in their program. She is the type of athlete that shows up everyday ready to work hard so that she can not only improve her skills but those of her teammates as well. Having coached Kimberly these past two seasons of her high school career I have watched her become our top defensive leader and communicator on the court. She is truly an outstanding athlete, student and person!

~"Kimberly is one of the most disciplined players I have ever coached. She is eager to learn and improve her skills and is an excellent student of the game. She works hard each day to do become a better player and to become a terrific libero."


Fred Rojas
Owner, Club Fred Beach Volleyball Training

~ "Kimberly possesses terrific beach volleyball skills. She has a knack for getting to the ball, and she is a tremendous passer. Her great attitude is contagious. She practices very hard, and is a fierce competitor. Her love of the game is obvious. She is extremely coach-able and takes direction very well."

~ Kimberly Sladek is truly one of the hardest working, most focused, and mentally aware individuals that I've ever had the pleasure of coaching. Her ability to hear, see, and implement new mechanics and instructions is stellar. Not only is she a good listener, but her humble approach to the game of volleyball makes her a true asset on the court. For the two years that she was my student, Kimberly made it a joy to come to practice because I knew that I would never have to remind her to give 100% effort - that "skill" comes naturally to her. As a young person, Ms. Sladek demonstrates the capacity to be a leader on and off the court, and will be an amazing addition to any team fortunate enough to sign her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bobby Jones

Director of Project Serve Beach Volleyball Club

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Kimberly sladek

Brandi Bradley Holsonback

Head Coach, 16 Cedar Park Team

Austin Junior Volleyball
Tara Nelson
Westwood High School
Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach