NCAA ID #: 1407771941


‚ÄčKimberly sladek


Invited to be a member of the National Society of High School Scholars

Started The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club  at my High School

Accepted to AMIGOS Service/ Spanish Immersion Trip

Member of National Honor Society

AAU Best Volleyball Players 2014

Captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team 2014 (as a junior)

President Class of '16, National Charity League (2013-2014)

President Class of '16, National Charity League (2014-2015)

Pacesetters, Invitation only Leadership Club at Westwood

Miracle League Volunteer

Mobile Loaves and Fishes Volunteer

AJV Team Captain, EVERY year (6 years in a row)

Student of the year, Middle School

Academic All District Award 2015

High School Defensive Player of the Year 2015

13- 6A All- District First Team Award 2015

2015 AAU Academic All American

All Tournament Award- Fraulein Fest 8.22.15

All Tournament Award- Showcase Tournament 8.15.15

13- 6A All- District First Team Award 2014 (as a Junior)

High School Defensive Player of the Year 2014

Academic All District Award 2014

All- Tournament Award - Fraulein Fest 8.23.14

All-Tournament Award - Showcase Tournament 8.16.14

High School Defensive Player of the Year 2013

Academic All District Award 2013

All-District Honorable Mention Volleyball Award 2013





     Height:  5' 7"

     Weight: 140 lbs.

     Birthday: 07/03/1998

     Reach: 7'2"

     Approach jump touch: 9'2.5"

     One foot approach vertical: 24"

     Block jump vertical: 18.5" 

     Medicine ball throw: 40'

     USA shuttle: 9.65 seconds


     Passing efficiency: 2.21 / 680 attempts

     Serve Receive Pts: 1405

     Number of digs over club season: 150

     Number of digs over HS season: 634

     Serving efficiency: 2.19 / 493 balls served

     Number of aces over HS season: 42

Sand Volleyball :

     2013 Ranking: 169/1700

     Points: 140.0

ACT composite score: 31
     Math: 35  
     Reading: 30  
     Science: 25  
     English/ Writing Combined: 29  
             Essay: 8/12

SAT score: 1850

     Math: 710 

     Critical Reading: 580 

     Writing: 560

SAT Super score: 1880

      Math: 710

      Critical Reading: 610

      Writing: 560

AP Tests:

     Physics 1: 4/5

     Environmental Science: 4/5

     Chemistry: (May 2016)

     Statistics: (May 2016)


     Cumulative (non-weighted): 3.91/4.00

     Cumulative (weighted): 5.14/5.00


     Geometry, Pre-Ap Algebra 2, Pre-AP Pre-calculus, AP              Statistics 

     Pre-Ap English I and II, English III, English IV

     Pre-Ap Biology, Pre-Ap Chemistry, AP Physics,

             AP Environmental Science, AP Chemistry

     World Geography, World History, US History (Austin                Community College)

     Pre-Ap Spanish II and III

     Principles of Education and Training